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Submitted on
June 24, 2009


Man, a lot has happened since I last updated my journal. I've since graduated college and am now currently looking for a job (illustration in mind, storyboard, comic, children's book, etc). Currently I'm working as a colorist for Arcana's comic, Koni Waves…. I recently attended the Wizard World comic convention, where I was able to meet a lot of current illustrators in the field, as well as  get a lot of great feedback and advice.

I also have a website up, samcoxstudio as well as a blog which I plan to update more often.
So feel free to contact me if you are interested in a commission or have any questions.

take care,

ps- I'm not used to writing journal's on DA as much but if someone could tell me, how do you make type linkable to other sites?
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Didn't realize you were so adamant about getting a job in Illustration. I've got a great job as a Locksmith so I'm in Too big of a hurry to get highered by a comicbook company, so I step back and work on my skills and hopefully get professional skills before going know when I say it out loud It doesn't sound well thought out.

I hope you can come with me to Comic-con next year. that's a great place to look for work.
Yea, right now I'm still working on honing my skills and practicing while looking for work.
Maybe next year, but I hafta save up my money, haha. :D
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